Moving Forward United Within

Studying the account of the people who were on the verge of going to the land of promise gives us a good understanding of the things we will or could face – irrespective of the type of change – and the interventions needed that will allow us to move forward and live the life that God wants us to live.

These changes can occur in our families, with our jobs or changes in our careers, or could even involve starting a major project or making a decision to move our location, etc…

Ensuring that God is part of every stage of our change is the only safeguard.  When we are confronted with major decisions, let us ensure that we ask God in faith to show us the way.

As we start to move forward and must confront new challenges and unchartered waters, initially the obstacle(s) may seem so big to us and we may feel so inadequate. But let us be reminded that God who made the universe is with us and is guiding us; and with God we need not be overwhelmed. What is big to us, is minute to God.

So realizing God is with us, we can listen to the Holy Spirit’s instructions, maintain a heart of thankfulness and praise, embrace the part God is asking us to perform and move forward.

As God continues to work things out in our lives, we can be at peace and deal with the opposition in a constructive way.

In God’s power, opposition will not stop us, and we will not allow our energy to be taken up in getting upset over the things that God will take care of for us. Rather, we will be focused on doing what God has laid on our hearts to do.  We will not allow our weaknesses to cause us to limit in our minds what God wants to do for and through us. 

Understanding that what we say and do affect others and ourselves, even as we are going through uncertainty, we will ask God to help us to correctly represent the situation and respond in a way that is pleasing to Him.  Then with each success, we will continue to move forward for God’s glory.

It is time that we no longer have a diet of fear.  Let us be determined not to feed our fears or doubts.  Let us build our spiritual immunity and be fortified inside by God’s Word.  Then when we are confronted by the 10-spy attitude outside of ourselves, we would be determined not to catch the ‘fear fever’ or at least we would be able to nip the ‘fear fever’ in the bud quickly.  It is time we are not gobbled up by fear.

As we dig deeper to strengthen our foundation of unity – unity with God and unity within ourselves – then this unity and unified purpose would emit outward.

The reality is as we experience unity within, it also brings clearer vision, and our vison of God is also made clearer.  I was also reminded of the song by Sandi Patti, ‘We will see Him as He is’ (click here to hear the song).  What a beautiful assurance.  To one day see God, what a glorious day that will be. 

This experience of exploring the theme ‘Unity Within’ has been an amazing experience, and God has been speaking to me in so many ways; and I hope that you also were encouraged from the contents shared.

Be Blessed.

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