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Welcome to Treasured Fountain, where you can recharge, regroup, refuel and be refreshed along life’s journey. Embrace the rejuvenated you as you walk in your God-directed purpose.

Treasured Fountain Coloring and Planning

As you color, be reminded of the way that you are called to beautify the corner of the world where God has placed you.

Complete the Planning Journal and be encouraged to make plans for the next project that you are impressed that God is calling you to embark on.

Motivation to Keep your Vision in View

Check out the book ‘Rescued Tomato Seeds – When Potential Becomes Reality’, where you will be inspired by the many valuable life lessons the author learned from overcoming obstacles while cultivating tomato plants. You will never look at a tomato seed quite the same again.

Embracing the Optimal Life

Living optimally in a busy world is the focus of the book Victorious Healing and Growth through God’s Grace.

Treasured Fountain Reservoir

The Treasured Fountain Reservoir provides content to inspire you as you travel in the right direction.

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