Embracing Unity Within

To recap, from the story, the people’s fears occurred because of how big they saw the opponent and how small they saw themselves.  At that point, their knowledge of who God is was lost sight of long enough for the seed of doubt to take root in their minds.

Failure was no longer only a possibility to them, but in their minds, failure became a fact.  Realizing this reveals and reminds us of the source of our victory – God’s involvement and direction in our lives. Moses understood this and in Exodus 33:15, he told God, ‘If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence’ (KJV). 

Moses was only going where God would go with him.  This is in contrast to the people who after realizing their grave mistake was rushing ahead and without God’s guidance (Numbers 14:44, 45).  Using the analogy described in the section ‘Confronting Our Fears’, the people were ‘riding without whistling’ where riding represents going forward, and ‘without whistling’ can represent not receiving God’s guidance to move forward. So in Exodus 33:15 we see that Moses chose to moved forward (ride) while he listened to God’s voice (whistled).

So with a heart of faith and fortified by God’s Word, the mind would be solely focused on letting the Holy Spirit guide.   It was critical for the people to learn and reinforce a new sequence of steps in their problem solving approach if they were going to succeed.  Maybe it is the same for us today.

As we continue on the road of experiencing unity within, the internal conflict which causes part of us to war against other parts of us will diminish.  Then as explained in the previous section ‘Response’, when we are confronted with things on the outside, we would with the Holy Spirit’s guidance be able to make sound assessments and judgements that will lead to sound decisions; since the decisions being made are no longer clouded by internal struggles. 

So, at each stage of our lives, we will find the strength in Christ to face challenges in a healthy way.  However, as we grow and meet new and uncharted challenges, we may find ourselves experiencing some mental discomfort as we go from the place that we have become accustomed to and as we start to move to another level.  

Therefore, experiencing internal unity does not mean that we will not wrestle with some decisions or will not face some difficult situations.  But having resolved our internal conflicts at every stage of our lives, this will free up our energy to focus on overcoming new challenges with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And in the midst of it all – in every situation – we will choose to stay true to God.  And we would be able to join Joshua who said in Joshua 24:15, ‘but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD’ (KJV).

We would: look to God our Leader who gives us the power to confront our fears; have a correct view of the internal and ourselves; embrace an optimistic and joyful attitude; take responsibility for our actions; expect God to do in our lives what He has said that He would do; be even tempered in all situations; be aware of the influence others have on us and the influence we have on others; and be in a position with the correct report to move forward with a God-directed response.    

We would overcome with God’s power and we would be able to response correctly in the face of negative influences.  This is worth working towards, and then ‘the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep … [our] … hearts and minds through Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 4:7 KJV).  So when we go to our ‘tents’ (contrary to the people’s response in Deuteronomy 1:27), we will be singing praises to God for His awesome work in our lives and how He has brought us through ever stage and season of our lives.

The next blog post is entitled, ‘Moving forward United Within‘.

Be Blessed.

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