Treasured Wisdom

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When we gain insight relating to the value of something, the insight peaks our interest and inspires us to seek further information.  As we internalize the information, our knowledge increases in a particular area.  This in turn generates more ideas, and if the knowledge is applied and practiced repeatedly we acquire new abilities and skills which results in us growing and improving as individuals.

In John 13: 4-9 initially Peter appeared reluctant to let Jesus wash his feet.  But when Jesus told Peter ‘If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me’ (John 13:8 KJV), a change occurred in Peter’s request of Jesus, because of Peter’s changed perspective.  Insight can cause us to become motivated in something and ignite a spark in us for something new.

Similarly, when we see the Bible as containing valuable advice and wisdom that can help us in living an abundant and fulfilling life, our interest in the contents of the Bible will grow.

In this section, the focus is on specific themes contained in the Bible; themes that will encourage us to become more of what God desires us to be. (see below)

1. The Heart – God alone can satisfy the deepest yearning of the heart

2. Mental Renewal (click here)

3. Identity

4. Dealing with Change

5. God’s Guidance

6. United Within (click here)

7. Praising while Rebuilding