Pathway to Growth


At some point in life, most people would have experienced regret, because of wrong actions or decisions. For some the regret may be a fleeting thought, but sadly for others this feeling of regret can last for days, months or even years. But sooner or later, we are faced with the reality that to move forward, we must let go of what we could have been and embrace what we can become.

We need to learn from past mistakes, so looking at these past decisions with a critical eye to avoid repeating the same mistake again is a good thing to do. But reflecting on the mistake to the point of being unable to move forward is not a happy place to be.

Fortunately, the Bible is a storehouse of advice and roadmaps that can help us on the journey of understanding who we are in Christ, and giving us the strength to overcome any obstacle that we face. The Holy Spirit accompanies us during the process of letting go of what we wished would have been, and He shows us the vastness of what we can be with God.

If you are saddened because you have not achieved what you felt you should have by a certain age, remember that God can help you make good out of the present and future opportunities that are in your path. With God the future is bright. Embrace God’s way, embrace His working in your life.

It’s time to move forward in Christ’s strength. Be encouraged by the unchanging Word of God as you live in gratitude and thanksgiving for what you are becoming in Christ. To receive help on your way, click below daily on each affirmation of thankfulness. Positive thoughts, lead to positive actions, which leads to a positive life. Be Blessed.