Life Balance

The Bible tells us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).   Though we are multifaceted, it is possible to go through each day ignoring the aspects of our being that need attention and care. But after a time, fatigue can warn us that we need to stop and take stock.

In many ways our lives can be compared to a puzzle, and similarly we may even feel like nothing seems to fit, and everything is ‘all over the place’ in our lives.

But fortunately, since the routine things that we do each day make up the facets (or the ‘engine’) of our lives, we can intentionally decide to take care of the ‘engine’ of our lives by addressing the routine things, to ensure that we can function in a healthy way.

So with an intentional approach, we can start to put the pieces of our lives together to produce harmony. Then the pictures of our lives start to unfold.

Yes, at any given time some aspects of our lives might need attention. But when we have a healthy framework where other areas of our lives are doing well, we are able to efficiently address our challenges without becoming overwhelmed.

When we accept that our lives are made up of many ‘taken for-granted’ repetitive activities and we learn to find beauty in these ‘mundane’ (or ‘the simple things in life’), this becomes a gift to ourselves.

As we understand that each moment is precious and represents a part of our lives lived, how we view these moments will change and we can then become proactive in making the most out of each moment.

As we start to assess how we spend our time and how we organize the various facets of our lives, we can identify and make needed incremental changes. And the best place to start is to be clear about God’s calling on our lives; to experience a God-directed life.

Once we seek a God-directed purpose, next we can focus on optimizing how we live in every area or facet of our lives. This self-discovery is an exciting time and during this time God reveals to us our talents and abilities and things that we never would have seen or known, because we were just too busy getting by each day; too busy to hear what God was telling us all along.

God wants us to clarify His calling on our lives, to live each day with this knowledge, and to experience harmony, balance and fulfillment. And part of this discovery leads us to embrace our identity.