Self Care

I have been reflecting for some time now on the topic of self care.

When I read in John 10:10,  that Jesus came ‘ … that … [we] … might have life, and that … [we] … might have it more abundantly …’, I felt reassured that Jesus’ sacrifice opened the door for growth in the area of self care, which I believe will contribute greatly to living abundantly.

In my reflection, I pondered on the questions below:

  • What does self care really mean? 
  • What does self care look like?
  • What are some simple things that I can do to become better at self care?

With the answers that I came up with, as I started to do the simple things, I have learned to celebrate every improvement I make in the area of self care – however small it may appear.  If you are like me and also find this topic of interest, I encourage you to reflect on the above questions. 

Though the answers to these questions could have some similarities for different people, I believe that there will also be variations in responses, so as you reflect on these questions, I hope that you would also come up with simple ideas to incorporate into your life.

Be Blessed.


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