The previous blog post in this series focused on ‘Influence’. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information, we can easily get to a point of overload and not know what to do.

If we get to a point where time is of essence and we need to decide and act quickly, we may be tempted to be impulsive; but we need to guard against such.  With each decision, we need to ask God to give us clarity, so that we can make wise decisions.

To make a decision, having a report is a critical point; a turning point.  From the previous sections, we saw the actions that followed when the evil report from the spies (Number 13:32) was shared and accepted. The report will eventually guide our responses.  Even with the best of information, we need to guard against the feeling that we know it all.  Only God knows the full implications of each decision and response that we make.

So should this cause us to do nothing? No.  Instead, it should cause us to be even more determined not to leave God out of our lives.

Awareness is very important. 

We need to be mindful of how we relate to and respond to the things that happen around us.  In the case of the people as explained in a previous section on ‘Anger’, the realization that they were wrong created another impulsive reaction, as they had the desire to fix the problem immediately, so they went into battle without God’s guidance.

It can be a struggle to stay grounded especially when we know the seriousness of our decisions and how much depends on the decisions.  But Joshua and Caleb’s response of unwavering trust in God is the example we can follow.

Our desire and determination to be united with God, would guide the process for us to achieve internal alignment.  Then once we have with God’s help resolved who we are, what we believe, and what God expects of us, then our actions and responses will continue to become in alignment with our mental resolution.  Why is this important? If a decision to stay purposeful is not made ahead, when faced with a myriad of ways to turn and choices to make, it can become very confusing; so preparation is important.

Similarly, that resolve will guide every response we make.  So by making the decision before to stand on God’s side, the minute and daily decisions and responses will fall in line with the overarching strategy that we have adapted for our lives.

So if we are aligned on God’s side, we will be declared winners by God and for God.  The beauty about God’s way is that there is not only place for one person to be a winner; but everyone who stands for God and chooses to go God’s way is a winner.  So with the resolve to stay purposeful in the midst of facing problems, as we go forward (as explained in previous sections), we can:

  • confront our fears in God’s power,
  • have a correct view of the external,
  • have a correct view of ourselves,
  • embrace an optimistic and joyful attitude,
  • take responsibility for our actions,
  • let God be the leader of our lives,  
  • expect God to do in our lives what He has said that He would do,
  • maintain an even-tempered attitude, keep calm and utilize our energies productively, and
  • be aware of the influence others have on us and the influence we have on others.

Then when we are able to address these areas internally, we are in a better position to respond in a healthy way to the external.  So then we can prayerfully:

  1. Analyze the facts and perceptions surrounding the problem,
  2. Determine a root cause,
  3. Prepare a report (mental, verbal or written) with the results and findings,
  4. Identify possible plan of action,
  5. Make a God-directed decision,
  6. Act in accordance with God’s will.

Therefore we would be in a position with the correct report to move forward with a God-directed response.

The next blog post will be entitled Embracing Unity Within.

Be Blessed.

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