Dependency – Looking for Another Leader

Continuing on from the previous blog post Dealing with Blame, sadly, the people’s thought process led them to exclude God, and in their desperation, they shifted the focus again and they sought a solution outside of God.

In their desperation they wanted to look for a leader, to take them back from whence they came.  But they ignored the fact that they needed to be delivered from their crippling fears, which resulted in them making bad decisions.

In their moment of irrational thinking, they were willing to leave God, the Creator, who had brought them that far.  Then the spirit of self-sufficiency took over and the people, feeling confident that they knew what was best for them, decided to choose a captain.

Their experiences are also a caution to us not to make decisions in the ‘heat of the moment’, where the decisions are based on our feelings – which at these points of desperation cannot be trusted.

They acknowledged that they needed a leader (Numbers 14:4), but they were going to do the selection themselves, having blamed and ignored Moses, the leader that God had already chosen for them.  They were also going to tell the new leader what their objectives for the leadership would be (Numbers 14:4).

After shifting the responsibility for the outcomes of our decisions and looking for a way out, do we look for something or someone to solve our problems and solve them the way that we think best based on our own vision?

The reality is God does provide help for us through human agencies, so we should never disregard how God uses people in our lives.  But in this case in the moment, the people disregarded God’s leading and just decided to do things that suited them.

They lost sight of the fact that their ‘help cometh from the LORD’ (Psalm 121:2 KJV) the Creator; and even though God engages people in His work of helping others, ultimately God is the source of our help, solutions and hope.

Our only safeguard is to be resolute to never allow God to take second place in our lives.  Persons deciding to take matters into their own hands would no longer feel accountable to God; and  it could also result in impulsive decisions and behaviors.  Seeking a solution without God is a dangerous road to take.  We need to forever guard against this.

The account is not for us to say, how could they have done that? But rather, what can we learn from the experiences in order to avoid this subtle downward spiral?  Remembering God’s leading in the past,  hearing of other’s experiences who submitted to God’s will,  memorizing God’s Word and praying momently for God’s intervention in our lives are the actions for us to take.

So we can: confront our fears in God’s power; have a correct view of the external as well as a correct view of ourselves; embrace an optimistic and joyful attitude; and take responsibility for our actions and let God be the leader of our lives.

We stand on the assurance that God the Creator of the universe can solve every problem and issue that we face on this earth.

In our next blog post, we will explore ‘Expectations’.

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