Loving Guidance

‘I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth’ (Genesis 9:13 KJV)

TF_Rainbow_Jan 2018

In the Bible we read of Noah, who sought God’s acceptance.  On the other hand, sadly there are times when a person’s desire for acceptance can replace their desire to do the right thing.  When a child does wrong, a parent must decide how to address the child’s wrong doing.

 If the parent leaves a child, the child may be happy for a while, but that same child could become bitter when they grow up and realize that they have cultivated unchecked bad habits.

If the parent has learnt to correct in love, the child grows understanding the rightful blend of love and justice. But unfortunately, sometimes even with the most balanced parental approach a child may still seek to go his or her own way.

Thankfully God in His love shows us His way and in that process, He also reveals to us the things in us that need to change.

After the flood when Noah left the ark, God sent the rainbow as a reminder of God’s providence. Though we see the effects of sin in nature, we can look up and be reassured that God has not left us.  Like Noah, let us be determined to listen to God’s instructions, seek God’s acceptance and obey His commands.


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