The Vines


The gardener planted spinach vines and passion fruit vines along the same fence in the garden. The passion fruit vines grew faster than the spinach vines and eventually the passion fruit vines encroached on the part of the fence where the spinach vines were planted.

The spinach and passion fruit leaves soon became intertwined, and it appeared that only the passion fruit vines would thrive. However to ensure both vines thrive, the gardener redirected the passion fruit vines from the spinach vines.

There was also a third vine growing in between the passion fruit and the spinach vines.  It was a strange vine that was not planted by the gardener, so the gardener tried to remove the third vine without damaging the passion fruit or the spinach vines.

From this situation we can learn that as we occupy the garden of life, God wants the good plants to co-exist.  Like the spinach and passion fruit vines, God helps us to know how to organize among ourselves so that the different aspects of His work that He has requested each of us to do can be accomplished.

We also need to let God remove any divisiveness from among us. Only God can give us the discernment to navigate in tangled situations.

God has given each of us a task to do. Let us work together and learn to complement each other as we help each other to grow into the kind of persons that God wants us to be.

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